Boss Injection Training Pack: Transform Your Practice

Elevate Your Skills and Expand Your Services.

Step up your cosmetic expertise with our premium Boss Training Pack. Perfect for professionals looking to enhance their offerings and deliver top-tier quality, this comprehensive package includes everything you need to excel.

What Sets the Boss Pack Apart?

Exclusive Content and Certifications

  • 13 In-Depth Lessons: Featuring face and buttock fillers, Botox, lipolytic treatments, and Fox Eyes thread techniques.
  • 26 HD Videos: Over 6 hours of detailed training.
  • Full Face Botox and Face Lipolytic: Unique to the Boss Pack, providing a competitive edge.
  • 14 CAP&CPD Globally Acknowledged Certificates: Enhance your professional credentials.

Comprehensive Learning Resources

  • Detailed PDF Guides and 2 E-books: Extensive material to support your learning journey.
  • 24/7 Professional Support: Get expert help whenever you need it.

Course Breakdown:

+Lip Techniques
  • Russian Lips: 60 mins, 4 models + Bonus video (9 mins)
  • Long Needle Technique: 15 mins, 1 model
  • Doll Lips: 11 mins, 1 model
  • Lips Dissolve: 7 mins, 1 model

+Facial Techniques
  • Jawline: 40 mins, 3 models, classic needles + PDF technique description
  • Cheeks: 20 mins, 2 models
  • Nasolabial Folds: 10 mins, 1 model
  • Chin: 10 mins, 1 model
  • Tear Trough: 8 mins, 1 model

+Advanced Techniques
  • Cannula Technique
  • Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty: 10 mins, 1 model
  • Fox Eyes: 67 mins, 2 models, thread technique
  • Buttock Fillers: 47 mins, 1 model

+Special Additions
  • Fat Dissolve: Face fat dissolve with lipolytic, 13 mins, 1 model
  • Botox Full Face Pack: 45 mins, 6 models covering forehead, between eyebrows, eyes, chin, upper lip, nose, and slimming.
  • Botox E-Book: 46 pages with illustrations, anatomy of face muscles, dangerous zones, injection schemes, and a PDF guide on BTA choices.

Why Choose the Boss Training Pack?

  • Unmatched Content: Comprehensive training videos and guides to cover every technique.
  • Expert-Led Learning: Benefit from professional instruction and support.
  • Flexible Access: Learn at your own pace with on-demand access.
  • Professional Advancement: Gain globally recognized certifications and elevate your career.

Take your cosmetic practice to the next level. Invest in the Boss Training Pack today and become a leader in the field!
Who is that suitable for?
Current practitioners
Learn new techniques and be able to expand the range of services offered
Who wants to improve current level and attract more customers into your business
Highly experienced
You will be able to implement immediately top techniques
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