Doll Lips Technique by Dr. Marina Aisina

Transform your lip injection skills with our focused 11-minute video lesson on the Doll Lips technique. Perfect for achieving big volume lips distinct from the Russian style, this course offers:

  • Single Model Demonstration: Learn the Doll Lips technique through a clear, step-by-step demonstration on one model.
  • Expert Fillers and Needle Recommendations: Discover the best fillers and needles to use for optimal results.
  • Comprehensive Technique Breakdown: Gain a thorough understanding of the Doll Lips technique, with detailed explanations provided within the video.
  • CAP&CPD Accredited E-Certificate: Receive a CAP&CPD accredited E-certificate upon completion, showcasing your advanced expertise.

Perfect your craft with this concise and impactful training, designed to elevate your lip injection techniques.
Who is that suitable for?
Current practitioners
Learn new techniques and be able to expand the range of services offered
Who wants to improve current level and attract more customers into your business
Highly experienced
You will be able to implement immediately top techniques
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