90 mins, 3 models +1 pdf technique description
Previously you would say clients you have to dissolve your lips and wait for two week before new lips augmentation but with our innovative technique it’s gone. Now they can come and all in one visit!

In our video lesson you will know:

  • in what case you can apply this technique and when you can not.
  • Why we use strips?
  • Material required
  • Step by step with full explanations you go trough all the way with Doctor to understand this technique to be able to implement immediately
  • You get CPD E-certificate
Who is that suitable for?
Current practitioners
Learn new techniques and be able to expand the range of services offered
Who wants to improve current level and attract more customers into your business
Highly experienced
You will be able to implement immediately top techniques
How it works:
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  • Make a purchase
  • Manager contact you via WhatsApp for further details
  • Videos are sent via telegram channel with unlimited access in case you dont have it please download
  • E-certificates are sent to your email in pdf format
  • We provide professional support in WhatsApp and answer any questions you might have before or after buying video trainings